The Fall Flyer

Over the last couple of weeks EENA Representatives have been busy delivering yellow flyers to Emerson East homes. While we try to deliver to all homes, the windy conditions,  we have been experiencing recently, has made it difficult. A link to the flyer is below in case you have missed out.

Fall Flyer 2016 (PDF)

Also a related post discussing the challenges in delivering in our neighborhood: The Neighbor

Get to know your new and known EENA leadership!

October and November have been busy months for EENA’s internal working. Every October, EENA elects its officers. Each officer serves a one-year term, except the two co-chairs who serve staggered two-year terms.  In November, several neighbors were appointed to volunteer positions.

This is the first year EENA appointed volunteer positions. We hope this will make the work of our all-volunteer association more effective. However, it doesn’t mean that YOU can’t get involved in one of the areas of interested listed!

Please contact the position lead or the co-chairs if you have an idea or request for EENA. If you are interested in one of the open positions or would like to fill a position not listed, email the co-chairs at

EENA officers after October 2016 elections:

  • Co-Chairs: Tim Cordon (elected in 2015) & Chris Heaton
  • Treasurer: Amanda Duesterbeck
  • Secretary: Erin (Sommerfeld) Way
  • Area 1 Reps: Jessica LeClair and Gail Piper
  • Area 2 Reps: Indira Ceylan and Adrienne Sella
  • Area 3 Reps: Diane Farsetta and Wes Webendorfer
  • At-Large Rep: Barb Jenkin

Volunteer positions appointed at November 2016 meeting:

  • Newsletter Editor: Indira Ceylan
  • Website Editor: Chris Heaton
  • Facebook Page Manager: Adrienne Sella
  • Dayton Street Flag Manager: Gail Piper
  • NextDoor Lead: Doug Renk
  • Parks Coordinators: _____________ (open)
  • Social Night Coordinator: Amanda Duesterbeck
  • Arts Coordinator: Diane Farsetta (nominated)

Read more about EENA offices and volunteer positions in the EENA By-laws, Articles VII & VIII.

Thank you to all our officers and volunteers for their time and commitment!

Voting update for Ward 29

If you reside in Ward 29, your polling place is East High School.

Please note that while the polling place remains the same, the room assigned for polling has changed to allow for more space.

For this Tuesday, Nov 8th election, the polling place inside East High School will be the “Spectator Gym“.

You can get to the gym from the East High Welcome Center which you access from 4th Street Door #2 then follow voting place signage to the gym.
Signs will be also placed outside the building indicating the correct entrance.
For curbside voting, please park on 4th street and call 608-219-3798. That number is a cell phone that will be inside the polling place.

Reminders: Bring your photo id. That requirement is still in place.
You can register and vote on election day at the polls if you have lived in your new location for 10 days. Bring valid proof of residence showing your full name and current address (e.g. residential lease, a utility bill, a paycheck, a bank statement showing your new address, etc.)

(From Gail Piper, Area 1 Rep)

EENA Monthly Mtg, 11/2/16

The next Emerson East Neighborhood Association Meeting is on
Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 6:30-8:00pm
at Bashford United Methodist Church, (use the back entrance)

All are welcome.

-Greetings and introductions
-Agenda Review
-Approval of October Minutes
-Written reports: Treasurer’s, Sustainability Task Force, EPC,EENA monthly social update.
-Public Safety Updates from Police Dept
-Update on the rash of packages being stolen off porches
-Update on the battery on Hoard St, 4 months ago
-Alder’s Report.

Old Business:
-Updates on Oscar Meyer property: Reporting on Oscar Group meeting- Oct 11th.
-Membership drive changes due to recent changes in the membership year
-Continue discussion of NextDoor and other social media moderation.
-Do we want someone to be a lead with the current lead, as an EENA representative on Nextdoor?
-Any other social media need moderation?
-Next meeting devoted to Pennsylvania Park Improvements
-Are there things we need to do to prepare?
Dayton St. Crossing flags update

New Business
-Appointing positions:
-Newsletter editor, Website manager, Facebook page manager, Dayton St flag manager, Nextdoor lead?, Parks coordinator, Any other positions?
-Welcome letters to new members and option for email dues reminders?
-Announcements and Adjournment

In order to vote at this meeting, you must have paid your 2016 or 2016/17 dues prior to the beginning of the meeting