Volunteer at Eken Park Festival!

Hi EENA, our neighbors at Eken Park are having their annual festival on Saturday, August 20, and are looking to fill volunteer spots. Please consider signing up! There are lots of different types and lengths of shifts, and even filling one slot would help make their festival run smoothly.


Interested in an Art Walk?

ARTISTS!! EENA/Eken Park Art Walk planning is starting! If you would be Interested in being part of it please contact Susan Kaye: kaye.susan@gmail.com.

This event will be inclusive of all artists in our neighborhood who are interested in participating but we need to hear from you to know you’re out there. We’ll have maps for people to pick up or see online. No date yet. It’s in the beginning stages of gauging interest and gathering people who want to be part of the planning. Interested: kaye.susan@gmail.com