EENA Meeting, 12/19/2018


We have a packed agenda with updates about changes to properties in our neighborhood (former Rescue Mission & The Avenue), reports from Alder Palm, and continuation of planning priorities and assigning positions for our association.


For more details and written reports click here

  • Greetings, introductions, agenda review
  • Approval of October minutes
  • Written reports updates (10 mins)
  • Potential new tenant for 2540 E Mifflin St (former Rescue Mission): Maple Bluff Antique Mall, Guest: Carol Knight (10 mins)
  • Alder report (15 mins)
  • Development Subcommittee Update (MDC project at 1954 E. Washington Ave, The Avenue) (15 mins)
  • 2019 Priorities for EENA (continued from October meeting) (15 mins) Continue to share your ideas with or via social media!
  • 2019 EENA Positions Allocation (5 mins)
  • 2019 EENA Calendar Review (5 mins)
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment

Please note, in an effort to make EENA meetings more sustainable, we decided to have paperless meetings. Members, please read the information ahead of time!

All are welcome, however in order to vote at this meeting, you must have submitted your 2018/2019 membership form prior to the beginning of the meeting. The 2018/2019 membership year started in October.



EENA Election Results

We are very excited to announce the results of the Steering Committee elections that were held at the Annual Membership Meeting on October, 17th. We would like to thank all the outgoing committee members for the time they devoted to our neighborhood and welcome the new incoming committee members.
Note that we have at least three vacant positions (co-chair, Area 2 rep, and Area 3 rep). Vacancies can be filled by vote of the Steering Committee any time of the year – so please let us know if you want to take on one of those offices!

Co-Chair: Indira Ceylan

Emerson East makes a great home for Indira who loves to bike to her job at the UW, attempt to grow vegetables and flowers in a large enough yard, and still be in walking distance to neighborhood bars and restaurants. Getting involved with the neighborhood association, initially as newsletter editor, has been an ongoing lesson in municipal governance and a great way to meet neighbors and friends. Indira grew up in Germany and has lived in Madison for more than 8 years.

Co-Chair: vacant

Treasurer: Amanda Duesterbeck

Amanda bought her home on Dayton Street in December of 2010 and has been treasurer of the Neighborhood Association since November of 2011 and also organizes the Neighborhood Social.  Amanda is a lover of animals, currently with ten pets in her care; she also takes pride in people commenting that her house does not smell like she has ten pets. You can usually find her walking her three dogs, playing a racket sport of some sort at East High School or drinking beer at Dexter’s Pub.

Secretary: Diane Farsetta

Diane has lived in Emerson East since 2007, with her husband and canine and chicken friends. She’s a year-round bicycle commuter with a commitment to building community, gardening using permaculture design, and enjoying bloody mary brunches at the Tip Top.

Area 1: Marilou Ward

Marilou has been a homeowner in the Emerson East Neighborhood for the past 26 years.  She grew up on the east side, attended East High School, and worked in Madison restaurants for 40+ years.  Marilou lives with her husband David and their Boston Terrier “Mia”.

Area 1: Tracey Teodecki

Tracey has lived in the Emerson East neighborhood for 21 years. Gardening is a passion for her, and she shares the garden space in her large yard with her doggie friend. Tracey is happy to say that she has gotten to know many of her neighbors over the years. A Realtor by trade and previously an employee at WI DNR where she purchased land and conservation easements for the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program. Tracey is also passionate about animal welfare and volunteers in animal rescue for the Dane County Humane Society and nationally for the ASPCA.

Area 2: Adrienne Sella

Adrienne has enjoyed living our neighborhood since 2007 and is originally from Michigan.  She is a realtor that has been actively involved with the association since she moved here and has represented the neighborhood on city committees (Emerson East-Eken Park-Yahara Plan Committee, Union Corners Committee and East Isthmus Neighborhood Planning Council).  You can also read her real estate article in the neighborhood newsletter.

Area 2: vacant

Area 3: Caleb Williams

Caleb doesn’t like to talk about himself.

Area 3: vacant

Member at large: Chris Heaton

Originally from Australia, Chris has called Madison home since 2008. She lives with her husband, daughter and a flock of chickens. She enjoys painting, baking, gardening and being involved in the Neighborhood Association and has been Website Manager for the last two year.

MDC Subcommittee, 10/29

We will meet on Monday, 10/29 at 6:30 in the large conference room at the Hawthorne Library. We will plan on reviewing pertinent documents submitted by MDC as part of their formal proposal for the 1954 East Washington development.

Our subcommittee is charged with reviewing the proposal and developing a response which will be forwarded to EENA for review, edits, and approval. Once approved EENA will then forward the final version of that review to the UDC and Plan and Zoning. My goal for this meeting to begin developing that response document.

In the end, I believe we have one of three options to consider as we review the proposal.

• Approve/endorse the proposal as submitted.
• Approve/endorse the proposal with requested stipulations, conditions, or limitations which we are able to delineate, and support.
• Not approve/endorse the proposal based on specifics which we are able to delineate and support.

As we develop our response we need to stay focused on aspects of the proposal which we determine to be either favorable or unfavorable to the East Emerson neighborhood as a whole both now, and into the future.

Thanks in advance (again) for your interest, time, insight, and support…


[The proposal that MDC submitted to the City is on the City’s website here].

EENA Annual Elections Meeting, 10/17/2018

The next Emerson East Neighborhood Association Meeting is on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018, 6:30-8:00pm, Bashford United Methodist Church, 329 North St, Madison, WI 53704 (parking and entrance in the back). All are welcome. Dinner provided!

EENA aims to represent, improve, and enhance the area you live in. We can’t do that without active members. Attend EENA’s Oct. 17th annual elections meeting – and have dinner (pizza, tamales, micro-greens, and cake!) and discussions with your neighbors.

Consider running for an office – we have many vacancies: area representatives (represent your immediate area, distribute newsletters and flyers, attend monthly 90-minute meetings, 1-year term), secretary (take notes during monthly meetings and post them to our website, 1-year term), and co-chair (serve staggered 2-year team along with a second co-chair).

In addition, we are going to appoint new positions in December (positions include newsletter editor, website administrator, gardens/parks coordinator, etc.). If you have questions or nominations, email the EENA Co-Chairs at

Agenda for EENA Annual Elections Meeting, 10/17/2018

  • Greetings, introductions, agenda review
  • Approval of September minutes
  • Written reports updates
  • 2018/2019 budget and membership report
  • Elections of EENA officers (more information about roles)
  • Setting 2018/2019 priorities
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment

No need to worry about dinner – pizza from Pizza Pit, tamales from El Sabor de Puebla, Micro-greens Salad from Supercharge! Foods and home-made cake will be provided at this meeting! (Vegetarian and gluten-free options will be available)

Written reports and a draft of last months meeting minutes can be found at Please note, in an effort to make EENA meetings more sustainable, we decided to have paperless meetings. Members, please read the information ahead of time!

All are welcome, however in order to vote at this meeting, you must have submitted your 2017/2018 membership form prior to the beginning of the meeting. Membership forms will be available at the meeting. The 2018/2019 membership year started in October.VOTING