EENA Meeting, 2/21/2018

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018, 6:30-8:00pm, Bashford United Methodist Church 329 North St, (parking and entrance at the rear)


  • Greetings, introductions, agenda review
  •  Approval of January minutes
  • Written reports updates
  • Newspaper updates (10 mins)
  • Crimestoppers: John Kavanaugh (15 mins)
  • Alder Report (15 mins)
  • Council of Communities: Eric Upchurch (20 mins)
  • Future of the Resale Records site (5 mins)
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment

All are welcome, however in order to vote at this meeting, you must have paid your 2017/2018 dues prior to the beginning of the meeting. The 2017/2018 membership year started in October. Please feel free use the contact tab above to check membership status or inquire about agenda items.

Written reports (including updates on Pennsylvania Park and Oscar Mayer site) and a draft of last months meeting minutes will be found at later today.

Please note, in an effort to make EENA meetings more sustainable, we are in the middle of a three month trial to have paperless meetings. We will not providing printed agendas, minutes, and reports at the meeting. Members, please read the information ahead of time!


Oscar Mayer Updates, Jan 2018

(For background information, please read our previous, October 2017, post, here).


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(Photo credit to Satya Rhodes-Conway)

The City’s Oscar Mayer Strategic Assessment Committee held its first meeting in November. The draft Minutes from that meeting can be found on the city’s website, here. The committee then had a tour of the Oscar Mayer site at 2099 Roth St, Madison, in early December 2017. The photos above were taken by Satya Rhodes-Conway, the Committee’s Chairperson, during that site tour.

On January 10th, 2018, Rhodes-Conway published the Strategic Assessment Committee meeting schedule via local Neighbourhood Association listservs. The dates are as follows:  2/13, 3/13, 4/9, 5/8, 6/12, 7/9, 8/13, 9/24, 10/23, 11/12, 12/11 and are now on the EENA calendar. We will update the EENA calendar entries as more information is forthcoming.

According to the email sent by Rhodes-Conway, the meetings “will likely be 5:30-7:30, and we will meet at locations around the city. […] The public is always welcome to attend, and there will be opportunity for public comment. We will also have more specific opportunities for community involvement in the future.” Rhodes-Conway also mentioned that future meetings may be broadcast on Madison City Channel.

For more information about The Oscar Mayer Strategic Assessment Committee go to the City website,


Also, if you worked at Oscar Mayer, were a relative of someone who worked here, or were otherwise impacted by the company, The Wisconsin Historical Society is wanting to hear your stories. The Wisconsin Historical Society collaborating with retirees from Oscar Mayer, is collecting and archiving the living history of Oscar Mayer. Please consider sharing a few memories with them. For more information please go to


Public Art in Pennsylvania Park

This is a summary of the most important developments regarding the selection and installation of public art in Pennsylvania Park. Check back to find the latest updates!

Past Developments

November 2017: The City’s Request for Qualifications closes and three finalists are selected from among 15 submissions. Read more about this in our earlier post.

December 4, 2017: During Artists’ Talks at Central Library three nationally recognized artists/teams meet with staff, stakeholders, and the broader community as part of the public art selection process for Pennsylvania Park.

January 9, 2018: Three finalists present their concept designs. The three artists’ presentations on their proposals are on the City’s website. Models of the sculptures are on display at the Hawthorne Public Library.

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Concept designs by the three finalists. See above for how to view the complete presentations. 

Upcoming Developments

January 23, 2018: Last day to email your preferences and other feedback to the City at

January 29, 2018: The Public Art Committee of the Madison Arts Commission will consider stakeholder comments, deliberate, and decide which artist/team they will recommend to the City for this opportunity. A final decision by the Madison Common Council is expected in late February of 2018. The public is welcome to attend the meeting at Hawthorne Library. The subcommittee members will have read all emailed comments before that meeting, but members of the public have up to 3 minutes each for comment. See Events for details.

Fall 2018: Installation and unveiling of public art (Source: City of Madison RFQ, 10/17/2017)

Project Background

The opportunity to commission art for Pennsylvania Park evolved out of an extensive Neighborhood Planning Process in which enhancing the parks and green space emerged as a top priority. A community dialogue regarding the future of this site has been ongoing since before 2017. The Emerson East Neighborhood Association (EENA), District 12 Alder, Community Development staff, Planning staff, and Parks personnel are thrilled to enhance this highly-visible mini City park, expecting that when the project is complete, the neighborhood will have an iconic piece of art that reflects their values of sustainability, unity, diversity, and inclusion. The Community Development Division of the City of Madison (CDD) is providing $40,000 of Block Grant funding to fully fund this public art project. (Source: City of Madison News, 11/27/2017)

This One’s Adults Only

IMG_20171219_212108Emerson East now has two playgrounds for grown-ups. Lovers Playground, the new name of Red Letter News, and a set of outdoor fitness equipment in Demetral Park.

You can find the fitness equipment near the Demetral Park shelter. The fitness equipment is designed for adults,  labels indicate use by people over the age of 14. Many of the pieces are accessible and all are supposed to attract casual users as well as fitness enthusiasts.20171130_105228-506x379

Installation by the City’s contractor was completed on November 27, 2017. Neighbors provided input choosing the equipment a year ago in November 2016.

The new playground will be available year-round, if ice and snow doesn’t get in the way. Try it out and leave a comment on how you use it!