The Association

The primary purpose of the Association is to improve the Emerson East neighborhood as a place to live, work, and recreate. Means used to accomplish this purpose may include:

  • Promoting open, democratic public participation and involvement in the neighborhood;
  • Generating and sustaining a spirit of cooperation among area residents and property owners;
  • Identifying potential challenges that may affect the neighborhood and working to develop strategies to address them;
  • Serving as advocate for those policies and programs that, after appropriate analysis and open discussion, seem to be in the best interests of the neighborhood;
  • Working in cooperation with the city and other neighborhood groups to improve the neighborhood and further its social and environmental sustainability; and
  • Providing opportunities for people in the neighborhood to meet one another and develop a spirit of neighborliness.

A monthly EENA meeting is now held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month generally at Bashford United Methodist Church, 329 North St, Madison, 6:30pm-8pm. The Annual election is held in October. Check Events Page for more details on all upcoming events. These meetings are open to the public however only members can vote.

Current Elected Steering Committee, elected Oct 17th, 2018

Secretary: Diane Farsetta
Treasurer: Amanda Duesterbeck
Area 1 Rep: Tracey Teodecki & Marilou Ward
Area 2 Rep: Adrienne Sella & vacant
Area 3 Rep: Caleb Williams & vacant
Member at large: Chris Heaton

More information on the Steering Committee members

Volunteer Positions, appointed Nov 3rd, 2016

Newsletter Editor: Indira Ceylan
Website Manager: Chris Heaton
Facebook Page Manager: Adrienne Sella
Dayton Street Flag Manager: Gail Piper
NextDoor Lead: Doug Renk
Parks Coordinators: (open)
Social Night Coordinator: Amanda Duesterbeck
Arts Coordinator: (open)

A map of the EENA neighborhood, showing area boundaries.