The Neighbor, Spring 2017


The Neighbor, photo by Chris Heaton

Over the next week EENA Area Representatives will be busy delivering the EENA newsletter,  The Neighbor, to Emerson East homes. While we try to deliver to all homes, the winter conditions can make it difficult.

If your copy is not delivered, there are a couple of alternate ways to get the newspaper:

  • IN PERSON: come to this month’s EENA social or the next EENA meeting to pick up one. There is also extra copies at 4 & 20 Bakery.

Also a related post discussing the challenges in delivering in our neighborhood: The Neighbor

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About Indira Ceylan

Indira is a resident of the Emerson East Neighborhood in Madison, WI. She stays involved in the neighborhood association by editing the neighborhood newsletter and representing Area 2 as an elected member of the association. Emerson East makes a great home for Indira who loves to bike as much as possible and enjoys a cozy house with a good-sized backyard that is in walking distance to neighborhood bars and restaurants.