A New Name for Pennsylvania Park

We need your help to rename our park!

As a part of the redevelopment of Pennsylvania Park, EENA is wanting to change the name. The park, on Johnson between First and Second street, is also known as No Name Park. We are motivated to change it because the name is so similar to Penn Park (which is another park in Madison) and feel that this resemblance could cause confusion among Madison residents.

While the choice of new name for Pennsylvania Park is ultimately up to the City of Madison, EENA is wanting to submit a short list of possibilities. This is where you can help! Can you think of a  name for the park? Write your suggestions in the comments section. Also, if you see a name in comments you like, let us know.

Before you get carried away suggesting the park be named after your favorite jazz musician or the name of the paint on your walls, the Madison Park System does have some guidelines for park names. We plan to submit only names that are in line with these guidelines.

The full set of guidelines are here. Basically, they say the park can be  named:

  • for its location (e.g. street, plat)
  • for any geologic, geographic, historical, botanical, horticultural or scientific feature inherent to the area
  • To honor individuals who made a substantial contribution to the advancement, improvement or enlargement of the Madison Park System
  • In memoriam for an individual who devoted outstanding amounts of time, talent and effort to the advancement the Madison Community

14 thoughts on “A New Name for Pennsylvania Park

  1. Oscar Mayer park
    Milton McPike park
    Gateway park
    Small house park
    Demetral jr park
    Warner jr park
    Purgolder park
    Peppy park

  2. Pennsylvania park is fine with me, with the house that was removed on 1st & Johnson it will be a turn lane anyway

    • 1.The Tiny houses may not be there forever, and they are pretty recognized anyway.
      2.McPike is somewhat of a controversial figure.
      3.Why connect it to a school – there’s enough Purgolder/East stuff around. It needs to be an obviously public place.
      4.Why memorialize the Oscar Meyer company, whose parent, Kraft, (or was it Philip Morris?) left our fair city in the lurch?
      5.What’s this “jr” stuff all about?
      6.And who or what the heck is “Peppy”?
      I like “Emerson East”, but
      I don’t see anything wrong with its current name, especially as it proclaims the park’s whereabouts on Pennsylvania Avenue. Besides, Penn Park is soon to be renamed, thus ending any possible confusion (unless you’re not sure which state you’re in :)).

  3. Packer Park

    Even though the Oscar Mayer plant is closing down, it’s impact on this area over the years is undeniable.

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