The Fall Flyer

Over the last couple of weeks EENA Representatives have been busy delivering yellow flyers to Emerson East homes. While we try to deliver to all homes, the windy conditions,  we have been experiencing recently, has made it difficult. A link to the flyer is below in case you have missed out.

Fall Flyer 2016 (PDF)

Also a related post discussing the challenges in delivering in our neighborhood: The Neighbor

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About Chris Heaton

Chris lives in the Emerson East Neighborhood with her husband, daughter and a flock of chickens. She is enjoys being involved in the neighborhood association and is currently serving as Co-Chair and Website Manager. Chris and her husband moved to Madison in 2008 from Perth, Australia. With friendly neighbors, large parks and awesome restaurants, bars and cafes all within walking distance, Chris believes Emerson East is a great place to live and raise a family.