Get to know your new and known EENA leadership!

October and November have been busy months for EENA’s internal working. Every October, EENA elects its officers. Each officer serves a one-year term, except the two co-chairs who serve staggered two-year terms.  In November, several neighbors were appointed to volunteer positions.

This is the first year EENA appointed volunteer positions. We hope this will make the work of our all-volunteer association more effective. However, it doesn’t mean that YOU can’t get involved in one of the areas of interested listed!

Please contact the position lead or the co-chairs if you have an idea or request for EENA. If you are interested in one of the open positions or would like to fill a position not listed, email the co-chairs at

EENA officers after October 2016 elections:

  • Co-Chairs: Tim Cordon (elected in 2015) & Chris Heaton
  • Treasurer: Amanda Duesterbeck
  • Secretary: Erin (Sommerfeld) Way
  • Area 1 Reps: Jessica LeClair and Gail Piper
  • Area 2 Reps: Indira Ceylan and Adrienne Sella
  • Area 3 Reps: Diane Farsetta and Wes Webendorfer
  • At-Large Rep: Barb Jenkin

Volunteer positions appointed at November 2016 meeting:

  • Newsletter Editor: Indira Ceylan
  • Website Editor: Chris Heaton
  • Facebook Page Manager: Adrienne Sella
  • Dayton Street Flag Manager: Gail Piper
  • NextDoor Lead: Doug Renk
  • Parks Coordinators: _____________ (open)
  • Social Night Coordinator: Amanda Duesterbeck
  • Arts Coordinator: Diane Farsetta (nominated)

Read more about EENA offices and volunteer positions in the EENA By-laws, Articles VII & VIII.

Thank you to all our officers and volunteers for their time and commitment!

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