EENA Monthly Mtg, 11/2/16

The next Emerson East Neighborhood Association Meeting is on
Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 6:30-8:00pm
at Bashford United Methodist Church, (use the back entrance)

All are welcome.

-Greetings and introductions
-Agenda Review
-Approval of October Minutes
-Written reports: Treasurer’s, Sustainability Task Force, EPC,EENA monthly social update.
-Public Safety Updates from Police Dept
-Update on the rash of packages being stolen off porches
-Update on the battery on Hoard St, 4 months ago
-Alder’s Report.

Old Business:
-Updates on Oscar Meyer property: Reporting on Oscar Group meeting- Oct 11th.
-Membership drive changes due to recent changes in the membership year
-Continue discussion of NextDoor and other social media moderation.
-Do we want someone to be a lead with the current lead, as an EENA representative on Nextdoor?
-Any other social media need moderation?
-Next meeting devoted to Pennsylvania Park Improvements
-Are there things we need to do to prepare?
Dayton St. Crossing flags update

New Business
-Appointing positions:
-Newsletter editor, Website manager, Facebook page manager, Dayton St flag manager, Nextdoor lead?, Parks coordinator, Any other positions?
-Welcome letters to new members and option for email dues reminders?
-Announcements and Adjournment

In order to vote at this meeting, you must have paid your 2016 or 2016/17 dues prior to the beginning of the meeting

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Chris lives in the Emerson East Neighborhood with her husband, daughter and a flock of chickens. Chris and her husband moved to Madison in 2008 from Perth, Australia. She is enjoys being involved in the Neighborhood Association and is currently serving as Co-Chair and Website Manager.