The Neighbor


The Neighbor ready to be delivered by the Area Reps.

Over the next few days, the EENA newsletter,  The Neighbor, will be hopefully delivered to your door. However every year we get complaints that some households did not get the newsletter.

While the Area Representatives try hard to make sure everyone gets their newsletter, the wind, rain and sometimes snow are not so neighborhood minded. It is illegal for us to put the newsletter into your mailbox, so we generally try to put it on your front stoop,  front porch or between the storm/screen door and the front door.

Sometimes we can’t find a place that will be secure, away from rain, wind and (in winter) snow, while being visible to the owner. If you believe this might be the reason you miss out on the newsletter, I would recommend putting out a stone or paperweight on your front step, out of the rain to make it easier for us to secure it,  and checking regularly.

There are a couple of alternate ways to get the newsletter, if it is not delivered:

  • ONLINE: the last two newsletters are on this website.
  • IN PERSON: come to this months EENA social or the next EENA meeting to pick up one. There is also extra copies at 4 & 20 Bakery.


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