Proposed changes to the EENA Bylaws

Earlier this year, a committee was formed to review the EENA bylaws and recommend changes to update the document. It has been nine years since EENA last modified the bylaws and while the 2007 version of the bylaws have served us well, it is healthy to take time to review. In particular we wanted to focus on ensuring the bylaws supported efficient decision making, inclusivity and matched our current practices.

While most of the recommendations are to correct punctuation and style inconsistencies, there were some minor changes to the content, too. At the next Monthly Membership Meeting, scheduled on September 7th, there will be a vote to adopt these changes.

Below is a list of the most important changes. For more information, here is links to a detailed summary of the changes, the current bylaws and the proposed bylaws.

The proposed changes are listed below, in the order that they appear in the bylaws:

  • Amend the Purpose of EENA to include “to improve the neighborhood and further its social and environmental sustainability.” Article 2
  • Change our description of Emerson East’s Area to reflect the City of Madison’s description. Article 3
  • Decrease minimum age to become an EENA member from 18 to 16. Article 4.1
  • Include “The Association shall afford equal opportunities, as outlined in the City of Madison Equal Opportunity Ordinance” Article 4.1
  • Changing the start date of the membership year from January to the month the election meeting (usually October). Article 4.2
  • Removing the possibility of proxy votes. Article 4.3
  • Adding instructions on maintenance and use of the membership list. Article 4.4
  • Changing authority for making decisions between meetings from the Steering Committee to an Executive Committee (Co-Chairs, Secretary. Treasurer.) Article 5
  • Adding guidelines on creating volunteer positions, e.g. newspaper editor. Article 8.5