February 5th Meeting Agenda

February 5th EENA Meeting
Emerson East Neighborhood Association Membership Meeting
Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 6:30-8:00pm
Bashford United Methodist Church – Fellowship Hall room (enter in the back), 329 North St.
Greetings and Introductions
Agenda Review
6:30 – 7:15 Guest Speaker: Brenda Konkel, Occupy Madison Inc. will present their submitted proposal for 2046/2050 E. Johnson St, including conceptual designs.  There will be a short Q&A session moderated by the EENA chair.
Alder’s Report
Sustainability Task Force Report
Treasurer’s Report
Report on neighborhood plan meeting
Committee Reports
–Parks and Gardens
–Public Art/Placemaking
EINPC Report
~ Yard Sale day this June, 2014
~ Make Music Madison
Announcements and Adjournment
In order to vote at this meeting, you must have paid your 2014 dues prior to the beginning of the meeting.

One thought on “February 5th Meeting Agenda

  1. Hello, John Steines here from SASY Neighb & Union Corners issues. Would someone from Emerson East be interested and available to meet with a small group regarding Union Corners with goal of forming an ongoing committee to meet with Gorman staff and evaluate plans? We are hoping to discuss what this would look like and entail on Feb 8, noon, @ Lou’s house, 30 Lansing Street. What is formed will be under SASY P & D committee and include representation from Eken Park, Emerson and Worthington Park. Please let me know if you can participate. Thanks. The mail chain related to this preliminary step is below. This is the first opportunity to pull together a group for this purpose. SASY has not had neighborhood engagement with Gorman folks outside of a few individuals and limited conversation. We are pulling this together with short notice as that’s the circumstance we have to deal with. Hope EE can participate. Please call or email me with questions. j jsteines@gmail.com 608-251-1893

    Lou – thanks for taking the lead on organizing the group(s). I really appreciate that you want the process to be done in an effective manner – we do as well. Here is a quick update:

    1. We had 2 large internal meetings last week and made significant changes to the plan. We attempted to get back to the plan that we presented at the RFP stage. Please note that we continue to refine the plan from very conceptual (RFP, prepared in the summer of 2012) to the most recent iteration. The current plan reflects what we have learned about the site, current conditions in both the residential and commercial real estate market and investment/finance requirements.

    2. On Friday Marsha met with UW Health (along with Gary and Steve Kolver from Planning). I was not able to attend, so I will defer to Marsha for an update. However I do know that UW is aware of some of the concerns and the lines of communication are now open and functional.

    So we have made progress on both fronts. More to follow and we hope to have a meeting middle of the month.



    Thanks for being patient here while I polled. I wanted to meet with folks from the SASY executive and planning & development committees before responding. And I’ve had a chance to meet with Marsha too.

    I think the most effective way to proceed with public input is to quickly re-convene the standing Union Corners committee, which is actually a cross-neighborhood thing that had been in suspended animation while the site was in limbo. It can incorporate the SASY P&D committee people, and combines with Eken Park and Emerson East folks too. I’ll take on the task of coordinating with Marsha and corralling the forces to organize a meeting ASAP.

    While we’re doing that, do you have any news/updates on UW Health’s reaction to UDC’s comments? I’m sure that one of the items on the neighborhood agenda will be to meet with the UW Health decision-makers in person, and begin the search for common ground. The main thing I took away from these contacts with neighbors is that enthusiasm for an exemplary development at Union Corners remains high.

    Let’s talk soon,


    Lou Host-Jablonski, SASY Chair


    On Jan 23, 2014, at 2:16 PM, Joe Schwenker wrote:

    When/how do we interact with the SASY group? Lou I think you mentioned a maybe a committee. I hope to get something scheduled ASAP. BTW we have a big meeting scheduled for next week to look at alternatives to the site plan based on what we heard last night.



    Joseph Schwenker

    Evergreen Partners

    5236 North Kent Avenue

    Milwaukee, WI 53217

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