Information about Occupy Madison, Inc. Tiny Homes Project

NOTE: Brenda Konkel will attend the January 8th EENA meeting to discuss this project.  The meeting will be at Bashford United Methodist Church from 6:30-8pm (the Occupy Madison project will be discussed from 6:35-7:05).  Alder Larry Palm is also extending an invitation to neighbors to discuss this project at a public meeting on January 15 at James Reeb Unitarian Church, starting at 6:30 pm.

Information below from Brenda Konkel of Occupy Madison, Inc.

Occupy Madison Inc. (the nonprofit, not the political movement) has an accepted offer to purchase for Sanchez Motors (2046/2050 E. Johnson St.).  We are proposing to move OM Build our tiny home workshop to this location. OM Build builds tiny homes with and for people without homes, modeled very much similar to Habitat for Humanity.

More about OM Build:

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Planned Activities:

– OM Build: Woodworking shop to build tiny homes; volunteers and future home owners

– Temporary (1 – 2 years) place to park 8 – 10 tiny houses until we find a larger piece of land for an eco-village (OM Campus)

– OM Grow: Raised bed gardening

– OM Goods: small retail store to sell repurposed pallet furniture (items made from recycled pallets)


To do this, we would need the following approvals:

– Conditional Use to have a wood working shop there

– A zoning code change to allow a portable mission house (service to the homeless) on the property

– Conditional Use to have a portable mission house

– A camping permit (from Dane County/State)


We would like to assure folks that this will not be a tent city, the conditional use can restrict how many units and what type of units we have on the land as well as other restrictions the neighborhood would like to see (hours of operation of the shop, no camp fires, etc)

We look forward to hearing feedback about our proposal and discussing how we can contribute to one of the city’s best neighborhoods.