EENA Election Meeting Tonight! Pizza! Door Prizes! Meet Your Neighbors!

Tonight’s meeting includes the election of this year’s EENA officers, which means that pizza will be available!  You will also have the chance to win some great door prizes for local businesses!  All neighborhood association members may vote – but if you’re not a member yet, you can join at this meeting!
Emerson East Neighborhood Association Membership Meeting – ELECTION
Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 6:30-8:00pm
Bashford United Methodist Church, 329 North St.
Greetings and Introductions
Agenda Review
Neighbor speaks – Andrew Agnew would like neighborhood support on seeking a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals. Address: 108 N 4th St
Treasurer’s Report
Committee Reports
–Parks and Gardens – Garden Grant (Due Nov. 30!)
–Public Art/Placemaking
EINPC Report
Sustainability Task Force Report
—  Vote on EENA Newsletter.  Proposal: We move from 4 issues/year to 2 issues/year in order to conserve fiscal and volunteer delivery time resources.
—  Report on Yahara River Corridor planning meeting (Sept 25)
—  Report on Neighborhood Plan Open House (Sept 18)
NOTE: The city is still looking for steering committee volunteers, and would particularly like someone from the EENA Council to  consider applying.
—  Proceed with Elections
            Open Positions are listed, with nominees beside them:
Treasurer – Amanda Duesterbeck
Area 1 Representatives (2 Openings) – Amanda Duesterbeck
Area 2 Representatives (2 Openings)
Area 3 Representatives (2 Openings)
East Isthmus Neighborhood Planning Council (At Large Rep) – Maya Lea
Announcements and Adjournment
In order to vote at this meeting, you must have paid your 2013 dues prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Below is the section of the EENA bylaws that describe each elected position!


7.1 Officers
The officers of the Association shall consist of two (2) Co-Chairs, a Secretary, a Treasurer, the Area Representatives, and the At-Large Representatives. These officers shall constitute the SteeringCommittee.

7.2 Co-Chairs
The Co-Chairs are the chief executive officers of the Association. Their terms of office shall be for two- years, with one Co-Chair elected each year. No Co-Chair shall serve more than three (3) consecutive two- year terms. The duties of the Co-Chairs include, but are not limited to:
a. Representing the Association in speech and writing on matters of policy, or assigning such duties to another member if required;
b. Chairing at meetings of the membership and the Steering Committee ;
c.Preparing, with the assistance of theSteering Committee , the agenda for membership meetings;
d. Serving as ex officio members of all Association committees; and
e. Guiding the process by which the Association sets priorities, makes policies, and formulates annual and long-range plans.

7.3 Secretary
The Secretary shall:
a) Write minutes of the Association’s membership and Steering Committee meetings;
b) Keep records of the By-Laws, policies, and procedures, and minutes;
c) Conduct such correspondence of the Association that is not otherwise designated to another member of the Steering Committee ; and
d) Perform the other duties customary to the office.

7.4 Treasurer
The Treasurer shall:
a) Act as the custodian of the funds of the organization;
b) Recommend an annual budget for the Association;
c) Keep a record of all fiscal transactions of the Association;
d) Make a financial report at each membership meeting;
e) Keep the Association’s official membership roll, and determine eligibility to vote when so required; and,
f) Perform the other duties customary to the office.

7.5 Area Representatives
Two (2) Area Representatives shall be elected from each of the following areas by those members who
reside in the designated areas.
a) AREA I (Yahara) – Yahara River on the west, East Washington Avenue on the south, Fourth Street and its imaginary extension separating the 2100 from the 2200 block of Pennyslvania Avenue on the east, and the railroad yard on the north.
b) AREA II (Demetral)– East Johnson Street on the south, Fourth Street and its imaginary extension separating the 2100 from the 2200 block of Pennyslvania Avenue on the west, North Street on the east, and the railroad yard on the north.
c) AREA III (Emerson) – East Washington Avenue on the south, Fourth Street to the west, North Street to the east, and East Johnson Street to the north.
The Area Representatives shall
a)Represent the interests and concerns of their areas in meetings membership meetings and meetings of the Steering Committee ;
b) Assist in the recruitment and retention of membership within their areas; and
c) Arrange for the delivery of newsletters and other Association communications within their areas.

7.6 At
-Large Representatives
The Steering Committee may, by majority vote, appoint up to three At-Large Representatives to represent non-geographical interests in the neighborhood or to give a place on the Steering Committee to active members in areas that are already represented by two (2) Area Representatives.

7.7 Eligibility
Any member in good standing who is not an elected official or candidate for city or county elective office may be nominated or appointed as an officer of the Association. All officers must be members of the association.

7.8 Election and Terms of Office
Officers of the Association shall be elected at the designated Annual Elections Meeting of the membership. Except for Co-Chairs, all officers shall be elected to a one-year term of office. Co-Chairs are elected to staggered two (2) year terms. Officers shall begin their terms at the beginning of the next membership meeting after the elections meeting.

7.9 Election Meetings
Unless temporarily moved by a vote of the membership, the Elections Meeting will held in October.  Nominations will be solicited at the two membership meetings previous to the Elections Meeting. Nominations may be made any time between the initial call for nominations and the actual vote for a position. For contested seats, the vote will be by secret written ballot. Members who are unable to attend the elections meeting may designate in writing another member to vote by proxy in their behalf.